Drag, drop, type, done!

Create an interactive product tour for your webapp and increase user engagement in minutes.

Easy to use WYSIWYG Editor

What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor displays how your tour will look to your users, as you edit it. Making an interactive product tour has never been so easy.

Drag-Drop Repositioning and Resizing

Just click and drag your tour steps into place on the screen to position them. Click and drag an edge of your teour step to resize it. Easy and Simple.

Markdown Supported

Control the formatting of your tour steps using Markdown. Writing Markdown is almost as easy as writing English.

Multipage tours and Multiple tours

At times, one tour may need to span across multiple pages. At other times, you may need multiple tours to demonstrate functionality in a single page. Easy Tour Builer makes it easy to build both multipage tours and multiple tours on the same page.

Customize tour appearance

Use your own custom CSS to completely control the look and feel of your tours. Your users will never know that you're using an external tour player. If you are using Twitter Bootstrap, Easy Product Tours uses your site's Bootstrap theme out of the box.

Custom events

Trigger custom events whenever the user interacts with your tour. You can use these events, to determine which action your app should perform next.

Programatically controllable tours

You can completely control the tour player using our Javascript API. Play, pause, stop, show the next or previous step or skip to any step - at any time, from anywhere in your app.